Deer Velvet Antler - How much should I Take?

Deer Velvet Antler - How Much  Should I Take?

Data from various sources indicates:

• 500 – 1000mg (1-2 caps) for protecting and maintaining good health

• 1500 – 2000mg (3-4 caps) for therapeutic effects

• 2500 – 3000mg (5-6 caps) for best results or extra benefit

These doses are supported by Agresearch at Invermay, NZ, and experience with regular users of deer velvet.  Deer velvet’s efficacy is dose dependent which means taking more ensures more noticeable results.  Korean practitioners regularly prescribe adults up to 8g/day for 15 days.

Pure Vitality Health Products offers high strength, high potency products that deliver more in each capsule.  For best results we recommend an initial booster dose of 4-6 capsules a day for the first 4 weeks or until you notice positive benefits. Then reduce to the supplementary dose of 2 capsules a day.

For best results, some suggest taking deer velvet antler an hour before breakfast and well clear of any caffeine.

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