Is Deer Velvet Safe?

Yes, deer antler velvet is a well tolerated, non-toxic, natural product. To date no significant adverse effects have been shown to result from taking Deer Velvet in the recommended dosages.

As a natural tissue that has been consumed for centuries, Deer Velvet has had ample time to show if it has any negative effects or reactions. Despite this if you have any doubts or concerns whatsoever, consult your medical professional.

Deer antler cartilage was regarded by Russian scientists as having adaptogenic properties and has been recommended by Russian doctors and scientists as a safe, natural alternative to steroids and synthetic performance enhancers.

To be regarded as an adaptogen, a substance must fulfil three criteria. It must be nontoxic, provide a nonspecific response and a normalising influence.
• Nontoxic– studies at 1g/kg/day for 8 months showed no signs of toxicity. A single dose of velvet extract equivalent to 300g/kg of velvet antler was administered to mice with no significant side effects
• Nonspecific response – Rather than cure a specific disease, research suggests that deer velvet supports the body’s ability to adapt to and resist, stress, diseases, degeneration and toxins. Deer antler velvet supports and assists the body in doing what is was made to do rather than artificially replacing its natural function. This lines up with the ancient tradition where velvet antler was used to restore and maintain health rather than curing a specific disease.
• Normalizing influence - irrespective of the direction of change, velvet supports an organism’s normal biological activity if it is out of balance.

Studies have been done by AgResearch at Invermay, New Zealand, showing huge doses of deer velvet extract being given to mice with no significant adverse side effects.

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