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Deer Antler Velvet Benefits for Anti-Aging


There are many different forms of medicine and treatment that have been used by the East that are just making their way over to the Western hemisphere. Deer antler velvet is one of these medicines that is growing in popularity. Deer velvet is actually the antlers of immature male deer, that is taken and either mixed with other medicines or ground and placed into a capsule for daily consumption as a dietary supplement. The velvet is always procured with safety and health as its primary focus, with the use of anesthetics and trained professionals. The velvet has had revitalizing effects on people for anti-aging.

One of the main compounds identified in deer velvet is collagen. As we all know, collagen is one of the key ingredients in almost every anti-aging product in the market. The difference with it being within deer velvet is that it is all natural, therefore creating less chance of allergic reactions. The portion of the antler used in anti-aging will be different than for other treatments because it is important to gain the most moisture from the product. This means that the tip of the antler has more lipid content and protein than towards the base, which will be a better quality collagen.

In addition to collagen, the deer antler velvet has other capacities for anti-aging. The ingredient has been highly regarded by the elderly population in Asia for many years. They find that they have a better quality of life as well as length of life due to its ability to improve memory, sleep, and mood. Science and research has also been able to see the effects of senility within test mice, most possibly because of hormonal effects.

While the Western world is still considering the uses of deer antler velvet, the Orient has been using it for a wide variety of treatments for millennia. It is considered herbal and all natural, therefore making it a better alternative to standard “Western” medicine that requires a prescription. These prescription drugs, too, also come with side effects that are even less desirable than the original reason for taking them.

In today’s society, no one wants to show age, whether it’s physically or mentally. There are creams and prescriptions, vitamins and injections that can help with it, but adding all of these together still may not give you the same result as a daily supplement of deer antler velvet. Its anti-aging properties are just one of the many benefits from using this mystical ingredient.

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